HANNON BOILERS are Horizontal, Dry-back, 3-Pass Shell Boilers as defined in BS EN 12953-1, and is of all-welded construction to BS2790 / BS EN 12953 / BS EN 1011-1 / BS EN ISO 15614 / BS EN ISO 15609-1 / BS EN ISO 9606-1, designed for working pressures up to 11 Barg / 1.1 MPa. 

The shell has heavy duty tubes welded into heavy steel tube plates and is well insulated and cladded. The Fire-Box is integral with the shell. The Dry Smoke-Box at the rear fitted with a heavy davited and bolted flange/door that gives access to the rear end of the tubes. The boiler has a bolted, hinged front door for access to the fire-box and the front of the boiler.

Main Components :

  • Burner: A fully automatic, Progressive Two-Stage Gasoil / Gas Burner, complete with control box and flame failure device, pre-wired and interlocked with the level controls and pressure switches.
  • Feed-Water Pump: PENTAIR, 1.5 HP, PVM 1-23, Multistage Centrifugal Pump.
  • Level Indicator: 2 x DIESSE Armoured Level Glass, TMR GR18 + Gauge Valves.
  • Steam Valve: ZETKAMA, Bellow-Sealed Class A, Globe Valve DN50 PN16.
  • Pressure Relief Valve: 2 x ARI Cast Iron, Stainless Steel Disk, Conventional PSV, Certified and Calibrated at 11 Barg.
  • Automatic Blowdown Valve: ADCATrol VPA 26S + Digital Timer/Scheduler + Air Solenoid Valve + Pneumatic Filter Regulator.
  • Manual Blowdown/Drain Valve: Tecofi Gate Valve DN40 PN16
  • Check-Valve: 2 x GENEBRE 2415, Stainless Steel, DN25 PN40.
  • Vacuum Breaker: ADCA VB16.
  • Electronic Level Control Switches: 3 x Fantini-Cosmi A03M
    • Start/Stop Pump Control: 1 x A03M
    • Low Water Level Control: 2 x A03M (Redundant Control)
  • (Optional) Electronic High Level Control Switch: 1 x Fantini-Cosmi A03M
  • Level Control Probes: 4 x EA18 – AISI 303 Stainless Steel
    • Start/Stop Pump Control: 2 x Probes
    • Low Water Level: 2 x probes (Redundant Control) 
  • (Optional) High Level Control Probe: 1 x EA18 – AISI 303 Stainless Steel
  • Pressure-Stat (Burner Stage Control): 1 x Danfoss 1-10 Barg 
  • Pressure-Stat (Burner OFF): 1 x Danfoss 1-10 Barg 
  • (Optional) Pressure-Stat (Burner Safety Shutdown with Manual Reset): 1 x Danfoss 1-10 Barg 
  • Pressure Gauges: 3 x MEI Pressure Gauges, Diam. 100 mm, 0-25 Barg.
  • Control Panel: HANNON BOILERS :
    • Electrical Protections
    • Level Controls
    • Burner Control
    • Blowdown Control
    • Alarms :
        • Low Level Alarm (Horn + Visual Alarm)
        • Electrical Fault (Indicator Light)
        • (Option) High Pressure Alarm
        • (Option) High Level Alarm